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Jun. 5th, 2012

OOC Piggie

Storm Art & OOC Update

So blah. Wranet is down. I should have posted stories to here though. Fail for laziness on my part!

So here is just a little OOC update on me and my characters, and a new piece of art!

Follow the Yellow Brick RoadCollapse )

Dec. 14th, 2011

Duo Blood Knight

[Durdanios] What a joke

What a Joke...

((Warnings for language.))

Throughout the page there are random scribbles, inkblots and the handwriting is written in a very sloppy manner.

That was....

Beyond stupidity.

I cannot believe I even witnessed that with my own eyes.

Stupid Is As Stupid DoesCollapse )

Nov. 15th, 2011


[Story] No Need to Say Goodbye

The sun was setting over Eversong Woods as Durdanios and Vynirin slowly walked along the path leading towards their newly purchased home. Their adopted son Ziras, ran ahead of them and laughed as he clutched his bag of Hallow's End candy tightly.

"I love this holiday..." Duo grinned as he stuffed a piece of candy in his mouth from his own bag that he insisted upon getting from the Falconwing Square innkeeper. "There should be more holidays with free candy!"

Vynirin rolled his eyes before smiling. "You'll turn into a piece of candy sooner or later."
I'll come back when you call me...Collapse )

Oct. 25th, 2011

Kiyo by Ruthie

[Kiyokko] If only I could have known...

I walked slowly through the hallway of our home, the familiar creaking of the wooden floor boards under my feet echoed past my ears. My fingers brushed over the small table that held an old Kaldorei pottery artifact that I had picked up on one of my archaeology digs.

If only I could have known, I would have tried to enjoy digging in the dirt a lot more.

As I walked down the hall, the faint beeping of my goggles grew more rapid, the tone coming from my lower right. I stopped and reached down, feeling along with my fingers until I made contact with smooth metal. After getting a feel for the shape I realized it was one of the pieces of armor Runi has been working on for others. He probably dropped it here for safe keeping before heading back out to the forges.

If only I could have known, I would have tried to make more devices that would have made my life easier.

For over a week now, I've been keeping up this charade, this sense of normalcy. I don't want him to worry. He has been stressed over the workload he's been give with blacksmithing.. not to mention Duskreaper adding to his rising blood pressure. I want him to be able to come home and relax, and not have to worry about me out and about. Thankfully though.. he has been so busy over the last week that he has not spent an evening with me.. as I am sure the moment he does my little shroud of secrecy will be broken.

If only I could have known, I might have come up with a much better excuse.

I walked into the library, the crackling and warmth of the fire lured me over onto the plush bear carpet laid out before it and I sat down. Despite the warmth of the fireplace.. I have never felt colder.

Runi... if only I could have known that when I fell asleep days ago, that I would have awoken with my world to be forever enveloped in darkness.. I would have looked at you one more time, seared your image into my memory and cherished it forever...

Oct. 10th, 2011


[Durdanios] The Final Battle

I can't do this anymore.

I admit that I am young, and as such I shouldn't be complaining especially when there are those around me who have served in the military for hundreds of years.

But so much in my life has changed over the last few years. One moment I'm on top of the world as the Commander of a healthy Blood Knight regiment and the next I am watching it crash and burn in front of my eyes. Then I am thrust out of home after home until finally acquiring a ship that I made my home, and I found myself in the sudden position of being a father.

Durdanios' ear twitched hearing the crying noise, causing his earrings to jingle and he walked around the cart,
having to stand on his tip-toes to peer inside. Huddling half-covered in the back of the wagon was a young elven boy,
who couldn't have been more then 30 or 40. He had long knotted blonde hair and dirty, tattered clothing that
hung on a near skeletal-looking frame. When the boy looked up and saw Duo peering down at him, he let out a yelp
and cowered even further into the corner.

"Hey there little one... don't be afraid...' Duo said in a soft and calm voice before slowly extending his
hand down towards him. "I'll take care of you.. and everything will be alright." The young boy stared up at
him for a moment before taking his hand.
(Violence and Gore, ahoy!)Collapse )

Oct. 4th, 2011


[Durdanios] (Story) Through My Eyes

((So... I was requested or rather prodded with a cattle iron by a certain someone, to write up a story of the events of the break up between Durdanios and Vynirin seen exclusively from Duo's point of view. I rarely get to delve deep into Duo's personal thoughts so I agreed to write it for him. ))

Warnings: Long story, language, adult content.Collapse )

Oct. 3rd, 2011


[Kiyokko] Dragonblight

I swore I would never enter into another combat situation. That I would not make Runi worry about my well being because I was off fighting in some battle like I had always used to sit at home and worry about him. That I would not harm another living bean as long as I could help it.

But here I stood on a fragment of broken bridge at the southern edge of Dragonblight, with the reawakened skeleton of some massive dragon that made even the red queen Alexstrasza herself seem small in comparison. My robes were in burned tatters, trying my best to ignore the chill the Northrend winds were giving me down to the bone as my own burned flesh protested against my every movement.

The Illuminati and I have been locked in combat after combat with the Cult of the Forgotten for the last six hours. The Shadowtusk Clan and Ghostwolf Clan fighting at our side. This had to have been the fifth opponent I had been up against over the battle. At the Nexus Coldarra Sunrunner, Bloodstrider and I first disposed easily of a female tauren. Then as a group we took on the Somnomancer... it is too bad Duskreaper was not present, as I know he wanted a piece of that bastard to hang on his new ship's mantle.

Then Bloodstrider, Sunrunner, two of the Ghostwolves and I fought against a massive orc cultist at the Bronze Dragonshrine. We then ended up on this bridge, where we had begun to face off against the Necromancer Kazmalek; but he summoned this massive beast.. The true "God of Death" he had called it.

But in the end.. neither the Necromancer nor this skeletal abomination were no match for the combined efforts of the lluminati, Shadowtusk and Ghostwolves. We had interrupted their summoning ritual to bring Yogg-Saron back into this world. A kind druid we ended up recruiting into the ranks healed my burns as I was too exhausted and spent to heal myself.

Thankfully it seems most of us from all three groups had sustained only minor injuries. But we dealt a major blow to the Forgotten as at least the Somnomancer and Necromancer are out of action for a while. I hope that wherever she is, Illu'noir can be proud of her men this evening. And I hope to return to Runi's embrace and sleep for the next week straight.

Sep. 12th, 2011


[Durdanios] Setting Sail

I've always had a fond liking of water and the ocean... though my life had previously always been far too busy to really enjoy it as I would have liked. Most of my experience with the sea was simply gazing out over the beautiful waters bordering Eversong and watching the sun set. The one time I had taken a transport ship from Ratchet to Booty Bay I enjoyed every moment of it.

However it wasn't until I met Tandem that I realized just how... perfect that life would be for me. I became comfortable on his ship and whenever I had the chance I would ask how things worked or for him to tell stories about his trips out to sea. When I had to return to duty... I hated not only leaving him, but leaving the ship and the ocean. I was beginning to feel trapped being stuck on the land.

Well... a lot has changed over these last few months. I lost my position as Commander in the former Dawnblade regiment to become a Knight-Lord of my own. It was not meant to be and the few remnants of my regiment joined the Illuminati. Then one thing led to another and I was captured and tortured by the Cult of the Forgotten, and lost my ability to wield the Light soon afterwards. During this time I had been trying to live peacefully with another love of my life - Vynirin Eldafal - but the Cult would not allow that to happen. No matter where we turned we would only get fleeting moments of peace before everything around us came crashing down.

I nearly lost Vynirin a few days ago... the cultist known as 'The Storm Knight' had taken control of his mind and body that ended in a nasty battle at Tempest's Reach that even Sang'jour had to step in to help control the situation. That was the last straw, and the two of us fled our home to stay with Sang'jour until things had calmed down.

It was there that Vynirin came up with the greatest idea I've ever heard come out of his mouth. He knew I had a liking for the ocean so he discussed with Sang'jour a plan for him to buy us a ship, and we could pay him back with our profits from trade goods. Plus having a mobile home and no place for them to hide would keep the Cultists from knocking on our door.

So here I stand behind the helm of a decently sized trade ship. My ship. "The Ronae Genesis"...though the name was Vynirin's idea. Ronae from our own Thalassian language meaning 'Peaceful' and Genesis another term for beginning. So this ship is our peaceful beginning into a new life. And hopefully once our dept is paid to Sang'jour, I can convince Vynirin to let me turn pirate... at least towards the Alliance. It would be so much more fun then simply transporting goods.

And so the Ronae Genesis is about to set off on it's first voyage to deliver engineering goods to Booty Bay. Hopefully it will be an adventure to remember - especially since I have no idea what the hell I'm doing!

Aug. 22nd, 2011


[Durdanios] (Short Story) The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Warsong Hold; Borean Tundra

Duo shivered and pulled the heavy woolen cowl tighter around his tiny frame. The cold temperatures in Northrend were brutal on his small body and he had made sure to dress in several layers before heading out. But it was still gods damned cold. Storm snorted and as he walked; the skeletal steed was unaffected by the cold and he happily plodded along pulling a wooden crate along behind him.

Stopping at the outer gates of the Warsong Hold compound, Duo looked up at the massive steel structure. It's imposing form seemed out of place on the flat sparse grounds of the Tundra. Inside of the gates, the few remaining soldiers and civilians who maintained the fortress wandered about doing their daily routines. Several burnt nerbuian husks still sat laying against smouldering pyres as the only reminders as to the siege the fortress used to endure.

When the Light Forsakes you, Embrace the Shadows...Collapse )

Aug. 12th, 2011


[Durdanois] Stay Away From Da VooDoo

I laid nervously on the cold hard brick floor inside the Temple of Bethekk of Zul'Gurub, stripped down to only a pair of boxers. A few feet beside me in the same state of undress was Vynirin. But this was hardly a romantic getaway... the troll Shadow Hunter Zanza stood in between us in full ceremonial attire. He had finished his animal sacrifice and painting the runes on our bodies, and he had begun to chant in his native tongue.

A wave of warmth and calm swept over me as the symbols Zanza had painted across my skin began to glow, and I found myself unable to keep my eyes open. I shut them and everything just.... stopped.

I don't know how long I was out, but at some point I started to regain feeling again.. and it was like nothing I ever experienced before. It was as if I felt light as air, nor did I feel the cold scratching texture of the bricks I had been laying on. Slowly I forced my eyes into opening.

It took me a moment to realize what I was looking at .I was in mid-air somewhere, looking down at my own self... and finally it dawned on me. I was dead and looking down at my own body. Zanza was still chanting and waving his staff about. A quick glance in Vynirin's direction and I could see his body was just as still as my own and he had a more peaceful look on his face then I had ever seen him with.

I turned my gaze upwards and I could see a bright light above me, warm and inviting. I looked down once again towards my body as I began to move further away. I was not frightened, not even upset. I just felt.. as if I had been suddenly freed from years of physical and mental burden. But as I began to move closer to that warm light, I was suddenly jerked backwards in a very violent manner. Zanza had slammed his staff into the floor, ethereal looking chains extended from the bottom of his staff and had wrapped around me. I struggled, but they wouldn't give.

"Ol' Zanza can't be lettin ya go too fah... " I heard the troll chuckle darkly as he spoke in Orcish. "If ya spirits go too fah into da light den I can't be bringin ya back...." He muttered something in trollish again before I felt myself jerked backwards, everything darkening once again.

My eyes shot open and I gasped out for breath before beginning to cough violently. I felt a strong hand roll me over onto my side as I tried to fight to keep from throwing up. "Easy mon... you be takin deep beaths.. ya body an spirit is still weak from bein all split apart.." I did as the voice told me, breathing deeply and closing my eyes to keep the room from spinning. I heard a loud gasp and coughing from beside me, and the troll repeated the same thing to Vynirin as he began to regain consciousness.

What happened after that I have little memory.. my body felt so heavy I couldn't even lift a finger. Zanza had returned Vynirin and myself to our home and we were told it would be well over a week before we would be strong enough to be able to even walk. Kiyokko Sang'jour arrived soon after to take care of the two if us until we are able to get around by ourselves.

All of this to rid ourselves of the voodoo doll curse that the Cult of the Forgetten had placed upon us. And it wasn't even completely guaranteed to work.

"Duskreaper.... this had better damned work... or I'll kill you again." I remember Vynirin saying weakly from his spot on the bed beside me before he passed out.

If that really was death I had experienced... then I no longer fear it.

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